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a musical exhibition of all-new vocal works

The annual Exhibition is the most important step in the NVO process. It's with this concert that we find the next season's composers and the next two operas for production. This event gives us the chance to work with all the composers submitting works for consideration and get feedback from the performers, directors, and the audience.  

We accept scenes from operas in development as well as individual vocal works. Scenes are preferred, but any piece will give us a feel for a composer's voice and the rehearsal process will let us know how he or she works.  

The Exhibition is an evening of promising new music, refreshing themes, and exciting performances. One of our two favorite nights of the year!

December 9th - 7:00pm

United Presbyterian Church

2019 Exhibition Selections

Mireia Frutos Fernandez, piano

There isn’t even a name

by  Anthony Josep

Hayley Abramowitz, soprano

Rhiannon’s Condemnation

by Lelgha Amick 

Carmen Souza, mezzo-soprano

  Anthony Josep, baritone

​Prayer of Pariah

by Neil Cain

Hunter Patrick Shaner, countertenor


by Daniel Nieberg

Amane Machida, soprano

With Preview of our 2020 production!

from The Jungle

by John William Griffith II 

Frances van Vuuren, soprano

Alejandra Martines, soprano

​Benjamin Bird, tenor

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