Our Mission

NVO is a vehicle for new opera through the collaboration of emerging student composers, performers, and administrators in an experiential learning environment.

Our Vision

To foster the creation of operas by the next generation of operatic composers.

To promote a genre of opera that is relevant to a modern audience.


To strengthen the cultural vitality of our region through new operatic works and a new operatic genre.

To provide student musicians, composers and administrators with increased performance opportunities, professional experience and creative outlets within the industry. 

Our Process

Each year New Voices Opera embarks on the search to discover two brand new chamber operas to bring to fruition in our hometown of Bloomington, Indiana. The process takes two years and begins with our annual Exhibition held in late fall or early winter. At the Exhibition, excerpts from operas in development by student composers are workshopped and performed, all in consideration for selection for the following year's production.  


Once the operas for production have been selected, the composers and librettists work with the administrative team to hone the libretto and craft the score over the next year and a half until it's time to cast and put the operas into production. This production is our annual production which happens each year in May in Bloomington. The composers have the opportunity to workshop a new chamber opera and witness what goes into producing their work behind the scenes from casting to resource development to set design. 


But the composers aren't the only ones benefitting from this process. The entire NVO team, from artists to administrators is completely volunteer and all student-run. Students are gaining invaluable experience operating within a live business model.  They are able gain stage experience performing or designing a new work and arts administration experience in marketing, development, and artistic management. NVO isn't just a producing company, it's an experiential learning environment for all involved. 

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